Alys Beach, laid out by DPZ, has alternating vehicular streets and pedestrian footpaths. Houses on footpaths have their front door facing the paths and they are served and parked from common courts in the rear of the properties. These courts, promise to have more the attractive qualities of a treed semi-public space than of an alley or parking lot, but the quality of these spaces will rest partly on how adjacent buildings address them and take advantage of them.


Our site for this building faces the major public space of the town. This is an obvious advantage of the lot, but because it is a mid-block lot, the parking court to the west has to be a nice exposure, as well, and the large mixed use buildings, separated from two story houses only by the width of the court, have to have a reasonably compatible scale.


There are three floors of residential units over a retail floor, and sub grade parking. Our building shares a ramp with the adjacent Lucian building. There are typically 3 units per floor, though the planning allows for different bedroom combinations as Alys Beach tests the market for these new unit types.


Every unit has a broad balcony overlooking the amphitheater. Most bedrooms face west over the parking court where they will have long views over blocks of two story courtyard houses.

Alys Beach Mixed use building


three-bay elevation alternate

courtyard ALTERNATE