These studies of the amphitheater follow studies from 2015 for the completion of the block on the west side of the amphitheater.


The scope of this study extends to the entire edge of the town’s main space, where it remains to determine optimal building heights, sizes, and density. Considerations include the degree to which surface parking can limit the investment in underground parking; daylighting relatively deep residential floor plates, especially at mid-block; phasing of retail to help early retailers survive before completion of the amphitheater; and the the proper size and scale of individual buildings.


The space is deceptively large- the size of Madison Square in Savannah, the Plaza in Santa Fe; Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, or London Squares like Soho Square or Fitzroy Square.


There are competing arguments for small scale buildings and large scale buildings. Most of the logic accrues the argument for larger buildings- the flexibility of retail tenant spaces, the likelihood that residential ownership will be horizontal, the need to spread the cost of building cores over a reasonable number of apartments, the need to develop valuable land to the extent allowed by zoning, and the very size of the space itself.  And so it remains to find a way to give larger buildings a scale and character compatible with the small surrounding streets comprised of one and two story courtyard houses.

The May


Overall Amphitheater Studies

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