St Andrews, New Brunswick is just across the St Croix River from Maine. The St Croix River drains into the Bay of Fundy about twenty miles south of St Andrews so the tidal range along the river is high. The river is approximately a mile wide at this site, and deep enough for shipping. Low tides expose brown or reddish brown basaltic rocks that typically line the shores.

This house is on a sloped site about one hundred feet back from high tides and at an elevation of about forty five feet above the estuary. There are great views both up and down the river. The principal challenge of the site was to minimize the extent and the expense of the foundations, keeping the house as low to the ground as possible. The house and garden terrace stretch out, shore parallel, between a limited range of contours. The program includes a main house, guest house and pool house, all connected by a common pool terrace.