2017 – 

Part of our charge from the city of Atlanta has been to get as many people and as much housing as possible close to both MARTA stations. There are difficulties at both ends of the property. At the Oakland City Station on the north end, the property is attenuated and sloped, and bounded tightly on the east side by Lee Street, and on the west side by a natural drainage swale.

This part of the Fort McPherson property connects the Lee Street frontage with the Campbellton Street frontage, bending sharply around the east end of the parade ground. It contains a scattering of historic structures around the old east entrance to the fort that need to be absorbed into the new housing program.

This complex of buildings has to operate at two scales. The courtyard building will be the first building you see as you come south to the fort from the city, and as it sits on an arterial with an at grade MARTA line, it needs to have a large scale if it is to have any presence. The interior street that threads carefully between existing structures, however, has a small scale, and so the wings of the courtyard building spiral downward to this interior street.

There are two semi-public spaces- a triangular lawn at the sharp bend on the road, and the small raised courtyard of the large apartment building.

The linear buildings on the west side of the road have a mix of rental apartments and rowhouses that all look the same from the street.