This triangular site is between an old gravel pit and a pine and palmetto forest. The lake edge has to be reclaimed but the water is remarkably clear. The entry road for a new town is on the southwest edge of the site and the residential neighborhood the pool serves is off the northeast corner of the site. The building sits at the edge of a new beach and within a new band of long grasses that is between the beach and the woods.

The program consists of three structures- an air conditioned building with a kitchen and a large room, a free standing porch that looks one way to the pool and the lake and in the other direction to the pine palmetto forest and a small structure with bathrooms and showers. The best views are straight out to the water and northeast up the beach and over the lake. The principal structure separates the pool from the road.

The three buildings form several entrances to the pool, which is elevated about five feet above the site. There is a ramp up from the neighborhood side of the site and steps up from the elevated trail along the entry road. The structures block views of the road and the neighborhood, and focus attention on the lake and the woods.